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Encore’s immediate focus is targeting "New Field" discoveries for oil projects in Kentucky.  The US government provides qualified industry investors with the ability to deduct 100% of their investment in oil and gas against ordinary income. The Company currently has approximately 15,000 shallow oil and New Albany Shale gas lease acres secured in western Kentucky. The company is targeting the future potential acquisition of 50,000 lease acres.  While many other companies in the oil and gas industry are shutting their doors, Encore is acquiring assets, drilling multiple well projects to prove-up acreage and creating an "platform" to bring in investment from larger E & P companies in the future.

Oil and gas exploration and development involves a high degree of risk and is only suitable for sophisticated high net worth Accredited investors
(SEC Definition). Encore attempts to mitigate this risk through the diversification provided by its multiple well drilling programs. Encore serves as the bonded well operator and lease owner for each project providing each partnership with direct control of operations. The Company's partnerships provide qualified participants with monthly income, real-time reporting, transparency, asset protection, maximum tax benefits and relatively low-cost drilling operations, as compared to similar oil and gas projects across the domestic US.

The 2015 Spring Bakken Oil Report recently released a feature article regarding Encore’s plans for the future.
Article Here

The American Oil and Gas Reporter magazine previously released an article regarding Encore Energy, Inc. Article here

Encore is a bonded well operator with the state of Kentucky and a bonded saltwater disposal well operator with the EPA. The Company's objective is to optimize production and maximize petroleum reserves, while minimizing the environmental footprint of each project. Encore complies with all state and federal regulatory requirements regarding the drilling, completion and production operations and works directly with its landowners to insure that reclamation is performed in such a way that protects the environment. This reclamation regularly includes the seeding and cultivation of the Kentucky CRP (conservation reserve program) in certain lease areas.

Encore is a proud member of the IPAA Independent Producers Association of America, Kentucky Oil and Gas Association, Bowling Green Chamber of Commerce, Society of Petroleum Engineers and American Association of Petroleum Landmen.
Assumptions, Disclaimer and Cautionary Statement: The information herein may contain forward-looking statements, and actual results may vary. Oil and gas investments involve a high degree of risk, uncertainty and are only suitable for qualified Accredited (SEC Definition) investors who are sophisticated in making business decisions and can bear the financial loss of their entire investment. The Company does not provide tax advice and investors should seek the advice of their tax professional. Any tax information herein is provided for illustration purposes only, may include estimates and is subject to change. It is impossible to accurately forecast profitability, production, reserves, income, expenses and timelines for any project. No assurances can be made and the estimates herein are subject to change, and may represent best case. Actual production is beyond the control of management. In the event that commercial production is achieved, it may take many years to recoup his or her investment. The Company's lease acreage position under agreement includes acreage under lease, Farmout agreement, verbal agreement, renewals and any other prospective acreage in which the Company has communicated and/or negotiated with the landowner the leasing of oil and gas rights, now or in the future, and the lease / mineral owner has leased or communicated their intent to lease there mineral lease rights to the Company.  It is important for qualified investors to acknowledge the fact that the US government provides them with tax savings (100% IDC tax deduction) to mitigate or at least off-set some of the financial risk associated with domestic oil and gas investments.  This is not an offer to sell or buy a security. An offer shall only be made by a private placement offering memorandum, and this is not a private placement offering memorandum.
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Encore Energy, Inc. announced today that the Company has made a new Warsaw oil discovery in south central Kentucky.
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Encore Energy Provides Operations
Update and Announces Plans for 2016
The Company announced that it has successfully drilled a direct off-set to its recent oil discovery, which reported a 24-hour initial test rate of ~270 BOPD.
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Encore Energy Announces Plans for
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Oil Discovery (270 BOPD IP)
Encore Energy, Inc. announced plans to drill up to 30 additional wells off-set to the Company’s recent oil discoveries in south central Kentucky.
March 9,2016
Encore Energy Announces Off-set Well Results to its Recent Kentucky Oil Discovery (~270 BOPD IP)
Encore Energy, Inc. announced today that the Company has drilled and completed a direct off-set well to it’s Warsaw discovery that reported a flowing ~270 BOPD IP (24-hr test rate).
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