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Encore Energy, Inc. is a fully integrated oil and gas exploration and production company that controls all facets of  operations, including but not limited to, lease acquisition, prospect development, engineering, drilling, completion and production operations. Encore’s immediate focus is horizontal Berea oil projects in Kentucky.

The US government provides qualified industry investors with the ability to deduct 100% of their investment in oil and gas against ordinary income. While many other companies in the oil and gas industry are shutting their doors, Encore is acquiring assets and drilling multiple well projects to prove-up acreage to create a "platform" and bring in investment from larger E & P companies in the future.

Oil and gas exploration and development involves a high degree of risk and is only suitable for sophisticated high net worth Accredited investors (SEC Definition). Encore attempts to mitigate this risk by utilizing the latest advancements in horizontal well technology. Encore serves as the bonded well operator and lease owner for each project providing each partnership with direct control of operations. The Company's projects are designed to provide qualified participants with monthly income, real-time reporting, transparency, asset protection, maximum tax benefits and relatively low-cost drilling operations, as compared to similar oil and gas projects across the domestic US.

Encore is a bonded well operator with the state of Kentucky and a bonded saltwater disposal well operator with the EPA. The Company's objective is to optimize production and maximize petroleum reserves, while minimizing the environmental footprint of each project. Encore complies with all state and federal regulatory requirements regarding the drilling, completion and production operations and works directly with its landowners to insure that reclamation is performed in such a way that protects the environment. Encore and/or its management is a proud member of the IPAA Independent Producers Association of America, Kentucky Oil and Gas Association, Bowling Green Chamber of Commerce, Society of Petroleum Engineers and American Association of Petroleum Landmen.
SEC Regulation D, Rule 506(c) - (Federal Exemption): Section 201(a) of the JOBS Act requires the SEC to eliminate the prohibition on using general solicitation under Rule 506 where all purchasers of the securities are accredited investors and the issuer takes reasonable steps to verify that the purchasers are accredited investors, as defined by the SEC. Encore shall only make investment opportunities available only to SEC defined accredited investors who are sophisticated in making investment decisions and can afford the loss of their entire investment. Encore shall take reasonable steps to verify the accredited status of each prospective investor.                                                                                        

Assumptions, Disclaimer and Cautionary Statement: The information herein may contain forward-looking statements, and actual results may vary.
Words such as "estimate", "will," "intend," "continue," "target," "expect," "achieve," "strategy," "future," "may," "goal," or other comparable words or phrases or the negative of those words, and other words of similar meaning indicate forward-looking statements and important factors which could affect actual results. Forward-looking statements are made based upon Management's current expectations and beliefs concerning future developments and their potential effects upon Encore Energy, Inc. Oil and gas investments involve a high degree of risk, uncertainty and are only suitable for qualified Accredited (SEC Definition) investors who are sophisticated in making business decisions and can bear the financial loss of their entire investment, while delivering a turnkey profit to the Company for proving the prospect development, lease acquisition, drilling, completion, engineering and ongoing production operations. The Company does not provide tax advice and investors should seek the advice of their tax professional. Any tax and/or other information herein is provided for illustration purposes only and may include estimates that are uncertain and subject to change. It is impossible to accurately forecast profitability, production, reserves, income, expenses and timelines for any project. No assurances can be made as it relates to reserves, production, income, profit, prices, timelines and/or other estimates. Actual production and results are beyond the control of management. In the event that commercial production is achieved, it may take many years for the investor to recoup his or her investment. The Company's lease acreage position under is subject to change and includes acreage under lease, Farmout agreement, verbal agreement, renewals, expired terms and any other prospective acreage in which the Company has communicated and/or negotiated with the landowner the leasing of oil and gas rights, now or in the future, and the lease / mineral owner has leased or communicated their intent to lease there mineral lease rights to the Company. It is important for qualified investors to acknowledge the fact that the US government provides them with tax savings (100% IDC tax deduction) to mitigate or at least off-set some of the financial risk associated with domestic oil and gas investments. This is not an offer to sell or buy a security. An offer shall only be made pursuant to SEC Regulation D, Rule 506(c) by a private placement offering memorandum, and this is not a private placement offering memorandum.
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Latest News

October 15, 2015
Barclays Oil Prices Surging
November 9th, 2017
Encore Energy, Inc. Announces Plans to Drill Eight (8) Additional Horizontal Berea Oil and Gas Wells in Eastern Kentucky
Encore Energy, Inc. is dedicated to drilling eight (8) additional horizontal wells to test and produce the Berea Sandstone in Eastern Kentucky. The Company believes that they are drilling off-set to some of the best production in the play.
January 26, 2017
Encore Energy, Inc. Announces Drilling
and Production Plans for 2017

Encore Energy, Inc. is a fully integrated exploration and production company and currently the most active well operator in south central Kentucky.
June 30, 2017
Encore Energy, Inc. Prepares to Begin Drilling Horizontal Berea Oil in Eastern Kentucky
Encore Energy, Inc. is Committed to Drilling Multiple Horizontal Wells And Utilizing State-of-the-Industry Horizontal Well Technology in the Best Shallow Oil Play in Kentucky, the Berea Oil Sandstone.
July 20, 2015
The Return to $100 Crude
January 25, 2016
How to Profit from Today's Lower Oil Prices
February 19, 2018
Encore Energy, Inc.Announces Plans for 2018 Encore Energy, Inc. is making plans to drill multiple horizontal wells off-set to proven production and recent permit activity in the Upper Devonian Berea Oil Sandstone of Lawrence County, Kentucky
The oil and gas business is complicated and involves a high degree of risk and uncertainty. Encore Energy, Inc., serving as the managing general partner and Well operator of each project, works diligently to provide each qualified SEC defined accredited investor with full material disclosure in good faith, prior to making the investment, and complete transparency / real-time communication through each phase of operations.  The objective for Encore is to mitigate risk, grow production, income and reserve assets for its partners, long-term, while complying with all state and federal requirements and protecting the environment.
Mission Statement
April 27, 2017
Encore Energy, Inc. Announces Plans for its Horizontal Oil Well Drilling Program in Easern Kentucky
Encore Energy, Inc. announced plans today to drill a horizontal Berea oil well location in eastern Kentucky.
June 5, 2017
Encore Energy Provides Qualified SEC Defined Accredited Investors Transparency and the Very Best Communications in the Oil and Gas Industry
Steve Stengell, Joseph Hooper and Encore Energy, Inc. are dedicated to providing qualified high net worth SEC defined accredited investors with complete transparency, full material disclosure and the very best real-time communication in the oil and gas industry.
July 24, 2017
Energy & Mining International Encore Berea Oil Article
Energy and Mining International magazine featured Encore Energy, Inc. and its horizontal Berea oil projects - Summer 2017
Encore Energy, Inc. Proudly Supports and Endorses Kentucky Governor Matt Bevin’s Red Tape Reduction Initiative
September 18, 2017
Encore Energy, Inc. Provides an Update Regarding its Horizontal Berea Oil Well Projects in Eastern Kentucky
Encore Energy, Inc. is dedicated to drilling and developing multiple horizontal Berea oil well projects in eastern Kentucky and creating hundreds of highly-skilled and highly-paid jobs.
November 27, 2017
Encore Energy, Inc. and it's Horizontal Berea Oil Programs Provide Accredited Investors a 100% IDC Tax Deduction in the 2017 Tax Year
Encore Energy, Inc. is currently testing its first horizontal Berea well and making plans to drill three (3) immediate horizontal wells with five (5) additional horizontal Berea prospects planned in Lawrence County.
December 8, 2017
Encore Energy, Inc. Makes a Strategic Acquisition of Drilling Rights in the Horizontal Berea Oil Play of Eastern Kentucky
EncoreEnergy,Inc.announced today that the  Company has entered into  anagreement to acquire exclusive drilling rights to the JD Hardin heirs estate lease block(s) where thousands of acres are directly off-set to multiple areas of proven Berea oil production in Lawrence County, Kentucky..