Enocre Energy - Explore, Produce, Operate
Enocre Energy - Explore, Produce, Operate



Steve Stengell, President-CEO and Chairman of the Board

Steve Stengell is President CEO of Encore Energy, Inc. and specializes in oil and gas lease acquisition, production acquisitions / divestitures and the Utica Shale play of Eastern Ohio. Encore has facilitated multiple transactions with major Utica Shale operator(s).

As the former President CEO of publicly traded E & P Company with 50+ employees, Allied Operating TX and OK, audited financial statements and $27 million in revenue, Mr. Stengell served as an operator in Texas and Oklahoma. Mr. Stengell is responsible for supervising horizontal discoveries in the Georgetown Buda and Woodbine Sand of Texas. Mr. Stengell facilitated the placement of $50 million of private capital in properties throughout the US. Mr. Stengell has extensive investor relations and SEC compliance experience for private, public investors and the NASD broker dealer community.

Mr. Stengell was the recipient of the Bowling Green "2010 Business of the Year" Community Impact Award and completed both the 2004 IPAA Harvard Executive Management Program and the 2006 Texas A & M Petroleum Engineering "Reserves and Valuation" Graduate Certificate Program.

The American Oil and Gas Reporter magazine has released a feature article about Encore Energy, Inc. and Steve Stengell's industry experience, www.aogr.com/index.php/magazine/editorschoice/ experienced - executives-form-new-companies-to-find-oil-liquids. Mr. Stengell participated as an expert speaker at the 2013 Utica Shale Congress in Columbus, Ohio.

Mr. Stengell holds a bachelor degree in Corporate Finance from the University of Kentucky Gatton College of Business and Economics and an MBA Western Kentucky University Gordon Ford College of Business.

Mr. Stengell resides in Bowling Green, Kentucky with his wife and two daughters.

Joseph M. Turner, Executive Vice President - Operations, Director

Mr. Turner has over ten years of experience in the industry. He gained that experience by direct involvement in the drilling, completion and operation of over 100 wells for oil and gas in multiple formations from the coal beds of Oklahoma to the Barnett Shale and Woodbine Sandstone in Texas. At Allied Energy, Mr. Turner was responsible for managing the daily field operations and developing the drilling plans for multiple horizontal wells with total measured depths from 11,000 to 18,000 feet for oil and gas with production from 1.5 to 3.5 MCFD for gas and 250 to 300 BOPD for oil. His responsibilities at Encore Energy include project evaluation and funding along with the daily workload of five departments: Administration, Human Resources, Information Technology, Accounting and Compliance. He works closely with the president, Steve Stengell, directing project development and drilling planning in Encore Energy’s core growth areas.

Mr. Turner is a graduate of the Western Kentucky University and the University of Kentucky with degrees in Business Management and Mining Technology. He has 20 years’ experience in business development and management along with 10 years of investment and compliance related service with major brokerage firms. He has held various securities license including the series 7, 63 and 24.

Joseph Hooper, Executive Vice President - Business Development, Director

Joseph has worked in the securities industry for most of his adult life having held Series 3,7,22 and 63 securities licenses resulting in diverse experience trading stocks, bonds, options and futures, raising capital for real estate mezzanine financing, oil and gas exploration, salt water disposal facilities and technology companies in medical I.T. and social media.

He is a partner in a medical clinic in North Carolina. He has accessed private capital via sales of and participation in private placements, limited partnerships, direct participation programs and other investment related structures. Mr. Hooper has served as an independent contractor for various projects and consulted with both public and private companies regarding strategies to access capital, enhance investor returns and expand existing client bases. He regularly attends investment conferences in the U.S. and abroad and has served as a trusted advisor for high income / high net worth clients throughout his career. While with Source Capital Group, Inc., Mr. Hooper assisted in the development of a series of Opportunity Funds beginning in late 2008 and continuing at present.

Joseph holds a black belt in Karate studying the disciplines of Goju-Shorei. He is an expert in weapons and other hand-to-hand combat and teaches this art here in Bowling Green. At 55 years of age, he still competes in the regional tournaments.

Alma Tabor – Director of Administration

Ms. Tabor is an integral part of Encore's business operations and provides support to management in all areas of accounting, legal, land, graphic design and prospect development.

Ms. Tabor's involvement with the company's partnership revenue distribution, tax reporting, regulatory compliance and operations reporting is critical in providing transparency and a clear channel of communication to shareholders and investor partners.